Falkland Islands: Argentina acknowledges Indian support

Falkland Islands: The launch of “The Commission for Dialogue” with the United Kingdom on the Falkland Islands has been marred by bad weather, with members of the commission from the BJP declining to attend after the party expressed reservations about the launch coming just two days after hosting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero, hailed India’s longstanding support for settling the “territorial issue” as he launched the Commission here on Sunday, saying, “Argentina and India share the same anti-colonial heritage and ideals.”

In the presence of a significant number of envoys stationed here, Mr. Cafiero declared the Commission’s launch. Suresh Prabhu, a former Union Minister, and BJP leader were slated to speak at the event, but he did not show up. “I’m currently in the United States, where I’ll be speaking and visiting various universities. In response to The Hindu’s story on Sunday, he said on social media, “I am not so obviously part of this event as reported.”

Shazia Ilmi, a BJP spokesperson whose name appeared on the Commission’s list of members, made a brief appearance before the ceremonial section began, but did not stay for the Commission’s formal inauguration.

Falkland Islands war fought in 1982

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, speaking at the occasion, said India has been a proponent of a negotiated settlement over the Falkland Islands, which Argentina and the United Kingdom fought a historic war over in 1982. “India supports the resolution of intractable problems via discussion,” said Mr. Tharoor, a member of the Commission, referring to India’s pioneering role in decolonizing the Global South.

Mr. Cafiero spoke at the occasion, praising the “brotherhood between India and Argentina” and urging the United Kingdom and the world community to declassify the records of the 1982 Falklands War, saying that doing so would cast new light on the United Kingdom’s record.

“By transporting nuclear weapons in the region, the United Kingdom exposed the entire South Atlantic region.” Mr. Cafiero stated that the nuclear weapons that the United Kingdom transported during the war were equivalent to 20 Hiroshima bombs.

According to Mr. Cafiero, India is expected to back Argentina on a variety of global platforms, including the United Nations Security Council on the Falkland Islands issue. Mr. Cafiero, who met with External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar before the Commission’s debut, said, “There is no place for colonialism in the twenty-first century, and we are extremely glad to discover cooperation from India at the launch of the Commission here.” From April 25 to 27, Mr. Cafiero will take part in the annual Raisina Dialogue. 

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