Google’s time-lapse for Earth Day 2022 Doodle

On the occasion of World Earth Day 2022, Google used a time-lapse doodle on its homepage to draw attention to the issue of climate change. The time-lapse depicted the effects of climate change in four different sites throughout the world over the course of a few decades. The doodle, which is in the shape of a gif, was created using Google Earth’s real-time lapse imagery and photos from The Ocean Agency.

Each time-lapse focuses on a particular region or subject for a few hours. From 1995 to 2020, deforestation in the Harz Forests in Elend, Germany, was caused by bark beetle infestation, which was exacerbated by rising temperatures and severe drought. Another looks at the Great Barrier Reef’s visible bleaching and its corals on Lizard Island, Australia, during a few months in 2016.

Two of the time-lapses show glacial melting, though in separate places. The first depicts glacier retreat at Mt Kilimanjaro’s top in Tanzania from 1986 to 2020, while the second depicts reduced ice covering and melted glaciers in Sermersooq, Greenland, from 2000 to 2020.

Google showed many climate change effect

When you click the doodle, you’ll be sent to Google results, news, and climate change links. The UN’s definition of climate change involves long-term alterations in temperatures and weather patterns, as listed in the sidebar. “These fluctuations may be natural, but human activities have been the dominant cause of climate change since the 1800s,” the description continues. “This is mostly due to the combustion of fossil fuels (including coal, oil, and gas), which produces heat-trapping gases.”

UN Act Now also lists ways that individuals can help the planet and combat climate change on this page, urging people to conserve energy at home, walk, cycle, or take public transportation, eat more vegetables, reconsider travel options, reduce food waste, reduce, repair, and recycle items, and switch to electric vehicles.

In 2021, the Google doodle took on a more upbeat tone, depicting a chain of tree farms in which many small individuals planted trees and watched them grow in an animation. Every year on April 22, World Earth Day is commemorated, a practice that began in 1970. The official topic for this year is “invest in our world.” 

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