India calls for quick de-escalation as Russia launches military operations’ in Ukraine, describing the situation as “spiraling into a huge crisis.”

As Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine, India’s top UN diplomat voiced “regret” and warned that the “situation is in danger of ballooning into a catastrophic crisis,” speaking from a prepared script. According to the news agency AFP, explosions were heard in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and the eastern port city of Mariupol as the speech came to a close.

“The Security Council had convened two days earlier and reviewed the situation,” India said in a hurriedly arranged emergency meeting of the UN Security Council for the second time this week. We had called for an immediate de-escalation of tensions and highlighted the importance of continued and targeted diplomacy to solve all of the situation’s challenges.”

“However, we note with sadness that the pleas of the international community to give time to the recent steps undertaken by parties to calm tensions were not heard,” India’s Permanent Representative to the UN T S Tirumurti said during the UNSC meeting. The situation is on the verge of becoming a big crisis. We express our great worry over recent events, which, if not managed correctly, could jeopardize the region’s peace and security.”

India called for immediate de-escalation

He also demanded an “immediate de-escalation” and a “refrain from any additional action that could exacerbate the situation.” “We call on all parties to exert greater efforts to bridge different interests,” Tirumurti added, urging diplomacy. I’d like to emphasize the need of properly considering all parties’ legitimate security interests.”

Indian Ambassador said our country has consistently pushed for the peaceful resolution of disputes in accordance with international law and the parties’ respective agreements. 

He added that more than 20,000 Indian nationals, including students, are spread across Ukraine, including the country’s border territories. “We are assisting all Indian nationals, including Indian students, in returning to India as required.”

“We believe the solution lies in a long-term diplomatic engagement between the parties involved.” Meanwhile, we underscore the critical necessity for all parties to exercise the utmost prudence in order to maintain world peace and security,” he continued.

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