Joe Biden says he is “consulting with India” on Russia

President Joe Biden of the United States said Thursday that his administration was in consultation with India and working to resolve issues stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. New Delhi maintains close ties with both Moscow and Washington and is balancing a precarious position in light of Russia’s growing isolation following its invasion of Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday.

“Today, we held consultations with India. We haven’t resolved that completely,” Mr. Biden responded to a reporter’s question about whether India, the US’s ‘Major Defense Partner,’ was on the same page as the US on Russia.

India urged Russia to stop the violence immediately

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged an “immediate cessation of violence” and dialogue between all parties. India has been hesitant to condemn Russian aggression, including at the United Nations Security Council. India also purchased a $5 billion missile defense system from Russia, the S-400 Triumf, and is now at risk of US sanctions – more so than before Russia’s attack on Ukraine. 

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