Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) signed by India and United States?

Signing of BECA agreement

On October 27, India and the United States of America signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) which will help India to get real-time access to American geospatial intelligence which will enhance the accuracy of automated systems and weapons. After this agreement, a troika of foundational pacts for deep military cooperation between India and … Read more

As Centre promises to create new law Supreme Court suspends committee to monitor stubble burning

Supreme Court suspends pollution committee

The Central government on Monday assured the Supreme Court of India that they are going to create a permanent body through legislation to battle air pollution in Delhi and surrounding states. After the assurance from the Centre, the Supreme Court suspended the appointment of the committee for monitoring stubble burning. A bench of three-judge headed … Read more

5,000 year old skull found in Crimea, clear proof of failed brain surgery

Skull found in Crimea

The Archaeologists of Russia have discovered the skull of a 5,000-year-old man in Crimea. After examination, it was found that this man might have undergone a failed brain surgery and it was suspected that this man died after this surgery. This skull seems to be related to the Bronze age era. This discovery can be … Read more

US President Donald Trump said India’s air filthy

US President

While debating with Democratic rival Joe Biden, US president Donald Trump commented on the air quality of India, China, and Russia. There was a debate on the issue of climate change in the second and final presidential debate, Trump said that the air quality of these countries are filthy and seems to be careless about … Read more