Introduction to Geography

One who is preparing for the UPSC Civil Services examination knows very well that he/she cannot ignore Geography, especially Indian Geography notes. There are various notes are being scattered over the internet for Geography UPSC. We have complied and arranged such notes from the internet as well as various competitive books being recommended for UPSC Prelims preparation. The world is suffering due to this COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in various other tragedies. As coaching centers are closed, we have decided that we will reach out to all UPSC aspirants with our notes and will help them in preparation. We hope that our notes are going to help and improve your preparation to some extent.

What is Geography?

Tropical Deciduos Forest
Tropical Deciduous Forest

The study of earth and related factors is called geography. And if one asks what earth is? or how to define earth? So for them here is the definition of the earth as well. The earth is the planet on which we are living that also revolves around the sun. Whereas the sun is a self-luminous body that is a consequence of a nuclear fusion reaction between Hydrogen atoms to form Helium. The sun is a member of a massive group of stars in the galaxy called the “Milky Way”.

Universe, Geography
Classification of Universe

Here is another term for you to learn is the Universe. One can define the universe as the collection of all space, time, and their contents including planets, stars, sun, galaxies, time, and all kinds of energy. Here we had made a simple flow chart for you to understand and learn the definition of the Universe in quite an easy manner.

You will learn more about the Universe and all other important aspects of geography in all other followed sections. These will include climatology, oceanography, Indian Geography, many more to follow. Also, we will try our best to update you about any current affairs related to Geography as well.



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