Medieval History

While preparing for the UPSC Civil Services examination, one cannot ignore Indian History notes, especially Medieval History notes. Various notes are being scattered over the internet for Indian History UPSC. We have complied and arranged such notes from the internet as well as various competitive books being recommended for UPSC Prelims preparation. The world is suffering due to this COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in various other tragedies. As coaching centers are closed, we have decided that we will reach out to all UPSC aspirants with our notes and will help them in preparation. We hope that our notes are going to help and improve your preparation to some extent.

In History, we will discuss various historical events in the three different sections of Ancient History, Medieval History, and Modern History. These sections are further divided into many chapters and topics. We have tried to cover every topic related to history notes for the UPSC Prelims examination. Despite that, there are possibilities that some of the topics may be incomplete or being left behind. We assure you that we will cover all those topics a few times and if still thinks that those topics are missing and we request you to notify us about the same.

In Medieval history, we will learn about the early medieval period kingdoms such as Pushyabhutis, maukharies, Cholas, Chalukyas, etc. The Medieval period starts from the invasion of Islamic attackers on the Indian subcontinent, in which our subcontinent saw the invasion of Mahmud Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori. Attacks from Ghazni were purely based on looting India’s riches and resources. Whereas Ghori’s intention was to control the territory so that riches can be looted for a long period.

Ghori who lacked any tactical heir to his throne placed one of his favorite Slave Qutubdin Aibak in Delhi who later founded Delhi Sultanate. Delhi Sultanate was proved to one of the biggest events in the history of India as it changes the course of religious, political, and administration of Indian netizens.

Medieval History saw many decisive events

From the battle of Haldighati to the Battle of Panipat, from the rise of Delhi Sultanate to the rising of Mughals, from the rise of Sher Shah Suri to the rising of Mighty Marathas, Medieval history saw many important and decisive events in the course of history which had shaped the present conditions of India. One cannot undermine the fact that these battles, dynasties had affected and changed the way of the social and cultural life of Indian people.

The medieval era ends after the downfall of Aurangzeb, the cruelest of Mughal rulers and after that, we will notice once again a foreign invasion of the Indian Subcontinent. This foreign invasion comes from European countries who fought and tried to establish their ruling in the Indian subcontinent. Only British (Britain) got success in establishing their empire and they ruled the region for almost 190 years starting from 1757 to 1947. We have tried to come up with all important historical important for UPSC prelims and mains. So what you are waiting for!! Grab your notes and start preparing.