Kuwait will deport expats who protested against anti-Islam remarks

According to a media report, the Kuwait government has decided to arrest and deport an unspecified number of expats who took part in a protest against two former BJP functionaries’ controversial remarks about Prophet Muhammad, because such demonstrations are illegal under Kuwaiti law.

According to Arab News, an English-language daily newspaper published in Saudi Arabia, orders have been issued to arrest expats from the Fahaheel area who organized a demonstration after Friday prayers in support of Prophet Muhammad.

Kuwait: The protestors will be deported to their respective countries

The protestors will be deported to their respective countries, according to Kuwait, because they broke the country’s laws and regulations, which state that no sit-ins or demonstrations by expats are permitted in the Gulf nation.

According to Al Rai, a Kuwaiti newspaper, “the detectives are in the process of arresting them and referring them to the deportation center to be deported to their countries and will be banned from entering Kuwait again.”

The nationalities of the expatriates who took part in the demonstration were not mentioned in the report. All expats in Kuwait are required to follow Kuwaiti laws and refrain from participating in any type of demonstration. The Kuwaiti government was one of the few countries to summon India’s envoy in response to the former BJP officials’ comments.

The Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Sibi George, was summoned by Kuwait

The Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Sibi George, was summoned and handed an official protest note by the Assistant Secretary of State for Asia Affairs, expressing Kuwait’s “categorical rejection and condemnation” of the statements made by a ruling party official against the Prophet, according to the Kuwait Foreign Ministry.

The ministry praised the ruling party in India for issuing a statement announcing the leader’s suspension. After their controversial remarks against the Prophet, the BJP suspended national spokesperson Nupur Sharma and expelled Delhi media head Naveen Kumar Jindal in an attempt to defuse a row over the issue.

In response to Muslim groups’ protests, the party issued a statement aimed at assuaging minorities’ concerns and distancing itself from these members, stating that it respects all religions and strongly condemns the insulting of any religious personality.

The controversial remarks were condemned by a dozen Muslim countries

The government has made it clear that the remarks do not reflect the government’s views, according to the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. At a recent media briefing, MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi stated, “We have made it pretty clear that tweets and comments do not reflect the views of the government.”

“This, as well as the fact that the concerned quarters have taken action against those who made the comments and tweets, has been relayed to our interlocutors. I don’t think I have anything else to add to this “he had stated

In 2019, the number of Indian nationals legally residing in Kuwait surpassed ten thousand, according to the latest statistics. The Indian community in Kuwait is still growing at a rate of 5% to 6% per year. According to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, the Indian community in Kuwait remains the largest and most preferred, with Egyptians being the second largest expatriate community. 

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