Nagaland is free of Coronavirus

According to a senior health department official, Nagaland became a coronavirus-free state on Sunday, with the lone active COVID patient from Dimapur district recovering from the infection.

Since the discovery of three COVID patients on May 25, 2020, the active case count in the Northeastern State has been zero for the first time, he added. Returnees from Chennai were among the first three coronavirus patients in Nagaland. 

No New infection reported in Nagaland

The caseload remained at 35,488 cases after no new infections were reported in the previous 24 hours, according to the official. In total, 33,244 people have recovered from the sickness so far. The rate of recovery was 93.68 percent. The virus claimed the lives of 760 people. According to the official, 1,484 patients have relocated to neighboring states.

State has tested 4,71,479 samples for the disease thus far. Until Saturday, around 16.16 lakh doses of COVID-19 vaccination had been delivered in the state.

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