Plan to honor Narasimha Rao thwarted by leaked stamp

The government’s plans to issue a commemorative stamp in June last year to honor former Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao on his 100th birthday were thwarted when the stamps were leaked before their official distribution, according to The Hindu. The commemorative stamp was supposed to be released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as planned.

According to The Hindu, a known philatelist obtained the leaked commemorative stamp on Rao and used it to book two-speed post letters, which constituted “illegal and unlawful” behavior.

“People get into philately for a variety of reasons, including the love of the hobby and the desire to make money… According to a source familiar with the occurrence, “certain rare stamps can fetch a very good monetary reward.” According to the source, once a stamp is approved, it is given in advance to around 80 philatelic bureaus across the country with strong orders not to sell them before the release date. The Narasimha Rao stamps, according to the source, were leaked from Mumbai, Madurai, and two other bureaus.

The case was brought to light, according to the source, through social media, when photos of a speed post letter, which had been booked by affixing the yet-to-be-released stamp of Narasimha Rao, were shared online. “The individual who ordered the speed post letter snapped a picture of it and shared it on social media… “It was discovered that they were booked by a well-known philatelist after CCTV footage of the Mumbai GPO premises was examined,” the source added.

Philatelist bought the postal stamp of Narasimha Rao

During the examination, the philatelist admitted to buying four stamps and two first-day covers (FDCs) of P.V. Narasimha Rao from a coin hawker on Prince of Wales Museum Street.

“As a philatelist, the individual is fully aware of the worth of commemorative postage stamps, as well as the fact that obtaining and using these stamps prior to their release has no value and constitutes illegal and illicit action… “This action tarnishes India Post’s reputation among prominent philatelists,” the insider said. Following the occurrence, the Department of Posts banned the philatelist from participating in any philatelic activity for a period of five years, commencing last year, in order to regulate philatelic activities through legal means. 

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