Palli in Jammu is the first carbon-neutral panchayat in India

Palli village in Jammu’s Samba district has become the country’s first carbon-neutral panchayat, powered entirely by solar energy, with all of its records digitized and all Central initiatives completely utilized.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi predicted it would take three weeks to send a ‘Sarkari’ file from Delhi to Jammu and Kashmir, but this initiative, with the help of villagers, was accomplished in a record period of three weeks. Mr. Modi said he was present at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference last year and heard comments and statements about cutting carbon emissions.

Palli has a living example of Glassgow’s commitments

“In the form of Palli village, India has provided a living example to the Glasgow vow.” Palli village, with its devoted and passionate elected leaders full of ambitions, has demonstrated how to put the Glasgow vow into action,” Mr. Modi added.

Palli was a significant step toward India’s objective of being carbon-neutral, as set out in the Glasgow Declaration. “Palli is the first panchayat to become carbon-neutral with the launch of a 500 KW solar power plant,” the PM stated.

Palli village exemplified the term “sab ka prayas” (everyone’s efforts). He went on to say that “every household in Pall offered ‘rotis’ to employees who finished the solar power plant.”

Palli, he said, is a model panchayat that would undoubtedly inspire other panchayats in Jammu and Kashmir, as well as the rest of the country, to become carbon-neutral.

Mr. Modi emphasized the importance of Panchayats and Gram Panchayats in the country, saying that panchayats must play a major role in village decision-making. “Now a villager may check his phone to see how a scheme is progressing and how much money has been spent on it.”

He stated that the administration was pushing for important technology-related measures, such as e-swaraj and payment modalities, in order to strengthen Panchayats. Mr. Modi stated, “We seek to address all basic issues, which are contained in the citizens’ charter, at the village level.”

There was no such thing as a minor or large job, whether it was for the Panchayat or the Parliament. The Prime Minister stated, “Panchayats would become means for the country to attain new heights.” He urged panchayats to join the campaign to “segregate rubbish at the curb and decrease the use of chemical fertilizers.” 

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