Russian Envoy thanked India for supporting Ukraine discussion at UN Security Council

India has received thanks from the Russian envoy for abstaining from the procedural vote for a discussion on Ukraine in UN Security Council (UNSC) Meet on Monday. This call for discussion on Ukraine was called out by the United States of America (USA). Russia’s First Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy has openly thanked India on Twitter. Notably other than India, China, Kenya, and Gabon have also voted in the favour of Russia. Whereas the US was trying to intervene in the matter that has been constantly claimed by Russia as mere propaganda. India has attempted to keep the balance between the interests of both partners i.e. Washington and Moscow.

Russian Envoy thanked India on Twitter

The permanent representative of Russia to the UN took Twitter to thanks India publicly for supporting them on the unfolding situation of Ukraine’s Borders. Meanwhile, it is important to note that there is claimed tension is being heightened between Russia and Ukraine. According to Western Media, Russia has moved more than one lakh armed personnel on Ukraine Border possibly planning an invasion in Ukraine. The USA was willing to have a discussion on that matter at UNSC on Monday. For the process, the USA has asked for a procedural vote through the motion to initiate a discussion on the unfolding situation on Russia-Ukraine Border.

Russian and Ukraine Border, Russian envoy
Image Source: Russian Defence Ministry

However, the procedural vote was abstained by India along with China, Kenya, and Gabon. China has voted against the motion to discuss the matter.  “ As we expected, it was nothing but a PR stunt, classic example of ‘megaphone diplomacy. No facts, only allegations, and unsubstantiated claims. U.S. diplomacy at its worst,” Mr. Polyanskiy said on Twitter.

Russian Envoy continued on Twitter to thanks the nation who had supported them at the UNSC meeting, “ Thanks to 4 of our colleagues,” he said, posting symbols of the flags of China, India, Kenya, and Gabon, “ who were brave to withstand U.S. hand-twisting before the vote.”

Russia has placed more than one lakh troops on Ukraine’s borders which were claimed to be an attempt of invasion of Western countries led by the USA. Russia has readily denied any such reports of a possible invasion. Russia has sought assurance from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to prevent its expansion into Ukraine and to roll back its operations and presence from Eastern Europe.

India has tried to be reflected as a balanced equal on both sides (USA & Russia). After abstaining USA’s attempt, India’s permanent representative to the UN, T.S Tirumurti urged for an immediate de-escalation of border tensions between Russia and Ukraine. India has pitched for quiet and constructive diplomacy.

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